Author: YES.2022

EU Digital Product Passport

EU Digital Product Passport: from theory to practice

The idea of a digital passport, in particular, comes from the Commission's desire to create a tool capable of accelerating the transition towards a more circular and sustainable economy.


Customer engagement

Customer engagement: current trends and future developments

Customer Engagement refers to the need to create a relationship and a deep connection with the customer through the creation of personalized and engaging content.


Customer engagement: why it increases the value of your company

Customer Engagement literally means “customer involvement”, in marketing it's defined as the interactions aimed at creating a strong relationship connection with the customer.



Authentic or counterfeit product? How to distinguish them

For a consumer to verify the authenticity of a product is not always easy. In particular for some types of products such as specific medicines, particular cosmetics or foods, this is quite complicated.


Lab-go & The Nemesis together for an innovative project

Lab-Go & The Nemesis have signed a new partnership: an ambitious and innovative project that brings authenticity certification in the metaverse with Anti-Counterfeiting Project.


Atalanta & lab-go: new partnership for authenticity

Lab-go has entered into an important partnership with the football club Atalanta B.C. to provide all Atalanta fans with a more unique and authentic customer experience with their favourite team.


What is counterfeiting and how much damage does it cost every year?

“Counterfeiting” means falsifying, reproducing something in such a way that it can be exchanged by consumers for the original. This involves an illicit sale and a violation of property rights.