Lab-go & The Nemesis together for an innovative project

Lab-Go chooses The Nemesis as business partner for an ambitious and innovative project: bringing Authenticity Certification in the Metaverse with The Anti-Counterfeiting Project.

Lab-Go and The Nemesis have just signed a brand-new partnership that brings Authenticity Certification in the metaverse. Thanks to this important new project, users will live the lab-go Authenticity experience directly from the trusted Brands through The Nemesis platform, as a tool allowing customers to use Skins and NFTs directly within the Metaverse.

Through lab-go technology users will receive the Certification of Authenticity simply by scanning with their smartphone camera the unique QR Code found on the purchased product. Moreover, they’ll get the NFT of their product, in order to access both digital and physical versions of it.
Regarding this important collaboration, Alessandro De Grandi – CEO & Founder of The Nemesis – says: “We are very happy to start this partnership with lab-go regarding such an innovative project. One of the goals of The Nemesis is to enable seamless integration of offline and online life. Thanks to an experience of this kind, Brands will have the opportunity to strengthen the relationship with their clients and users and allow them to enjoy an authentic and exclusive product both in real life and in the metaverse”.

This partnership further enhances lab-go technology, since The Nemesis provides its platform to allow Brands to give their clients access to their metaverse and increase the engagement of their communities with fun gameplays, prize challenges and live events. In addition, customers will also be able to use the created NFTs and digital goods directly in game. And, obviously, they will get the proof that the purchased product is authentic.
As Mirko Brignani – Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of lab-go – says: “due to the outstanding success of e-commerce services and the transition to online shopping, it’s becoming more and more complex to identify counterfeit products. Our partnership with The Nemesis aims to introduce a revolutionary digital experience and reach an ever-wider customer base: they will choose authentic products to access amazing experiences and exclusive contents created specifically for them by trusted Brands.”
The revolutionary change is to use a physical product right away in the metaverse as a digital good while making sure that it’s authentic with direct proof from the Brand.

07 / 02 / 2023

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Lab-go & The Nemesis together for an innovative project

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